PLC's used in waste water treatment?


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I am just trying to find out what everyone MOSTLY see's out there in the wastewater treatment facilities. The more info the better, like HMI's and such. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

We see (and use) a mix of everything. Most of our small systems are AB SLC with PanelViews, but we have also done Modicon Compact with
Magelis as well as GE-Fanuc OCS and VersaMax.

Our larger systems have been Modicon Quantum with National Instruments Lookout, AB SLC with RSView, and GE-Fanuc Series 30 with Cimplicity.

As we are an integrator not a consulting engineering firm, we use whatever the engineer specifies. Each engineering firm tends to stick
with one particular product line that they have had experience with, and rarely, in my experience, do different firms specify the same mix of hardware and software.

Don Zunti
Delco Automation Canada
We're Water and wastewater consulting engineers. The majority of our systems are Allen-Bradley and Intellution iFix Dynamics packages. However, we've also designed systems with Square-D, Siemens and Modicon plcs and specified HMIs
using Factory Link, Citect and Wonderware. As one of the previous posters indicated, most consultants go with the combination they're the most experienced with. I'll add that the degree of and amount of local support we receive from the vendors/reps also has a good deal to do with the comfort level. I personally go with what has proven to be a good solution on past jobs. And I like to stay with the bigger players to avoid absolescence due to mergers or companies going out of business.
Big WWT system with Siemens S7 and SCADA going in here, Milwaukee WI. 25 or more stations. Right in A-B's backyard. Most major brands used in the
industry, depends on the specifier.

Alvin C. Cipriano

Vivendi Water is one of the biggest Waste water treatment business uses AB PLC, SLC, Panelview, RS View if you want more details on this try to email me so that I could give you some specific details on this

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Alvin C. Cipriano
System Design Consultant

Trea Parsons

I am an electrician resposible for PLC's,HMI's,and I do some work with our SCADA system for a county in Alabama. We have seven plants ranging from a 10 MGD plant to a 200 MGD plant, we use Modicon Quantum's and Bristol Babcock's primarily, other than what comes part of a package. The HMI's we use are Exor, Panelmate and Quick Panels.