Please explain like I'm 5 - Phases vs Equipment Modules


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Could someone tell me the difference between these 2 terms (Phases vs Equipment Modules)? I can't seem to grasp either of them, and I can't track down any decent info online.

Thanks in advance!
An equipment module (EM) is exactly what it sounds like - a collection of equipment (pumps,valves, etc) acting as a single module.

The EM can have several "modes" that describe what the EM is doing eg filling, emptying, heating, mixing etc.

A Phase is part of a larger procedure in which one or more equipment modules is put into the required mode according to the product recipe.

So the fermenting phase for making beer might put the Agitator EM into Mixing mode, the temperature EM into "control mode" etc.

There is an excellent introduction to S88 batch, available from the ISA which describes the process of making Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Googling those terms should help you find it.