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Seth Yancey

I need a good Visual Basic 6.0 reference text that would cover the topic of accessing data via TCP/IP from a web server enabled device. The web server enabled HMI supports several SSI and CGI scripts. The VB application shall access the needed data (I assume via these scripts, avoiding having to run a web browser in the background) and then port the data to an Excel spreadsheet or Crystal reports.

I know that this is not beginner level stuff, but I am not really a beginner. A thorough but highly advanced text would be fine. If the book contains topics/concepts that are unclear then I will purchase other texts to explain those topics in a more elementary fashion.


I don't understand exactly what you want?

Is it an access to a web device delivering http and CGI capabilities
or do you want any training about TCPIP transactions between 2 nodes?
(be more precise please... Devices? PLCs? OSes?)
What I have is an E-terminals E300 ( connected via RS422 to a Mitsubishi A2N processor. The E300 has an ethernet card installed. The E300 has web server capabilities and I am provided with a list of recognized CGI and SSI scripts. The E300 also has a serial port that I have a bar code scanner attached to. The serial port is configured for "no-protocol" mode and simply passes the scanned data on to a set of registers in the PLC.

I can compose simple web pages (and install them via ftp to the E300) that allow me to monitor virtually any bit or word in the PLC via a web browser on any computer attached to our LAN

What I want to be able to do is read a register value in the PLC (directly not through a browser) that corresponds to the product code that the machine operator just scanned. I want this read by a computer on our LAN that is running Excel. The product code is entered in to Excel (by the custom application) along with a time stamp and then a CRLF is executed and the application waits for a trigger that a new product code has been read and repeats the process over again.

Is this something that can be done by Winsock programming?