<Plug / Intro> Older ABB and HP Unix IMS Automation Process Hardware

Cypress Technology, Inc. is a hardware vendor specializing in selling and supporting older / obsolete ABB and Hewlett-Packard hardware. We specialize in on the Unix / HP-UX platforms. We offer replacement parts and systems from the early 1990's to the current date.

ABB MOD 300 / 800xA system parts / Advant Controllers 410 460 450 - parts and interfaces
ABB Advant Station 500 series / IMS / Unix Stations
Advant Station - 530 520 520i 515 510 500 Series
ABB RTA boards - PU519 PU518 PU516 PU515A PU515 PU514 PU513 PU512 PU412
Keyboards - IH540EN IH530EN IH532EN IH522EN IH520EN IH510EN IH511EN IH555EN
Track & mice - IH580 IH581 IH585
ABB / HP related parts

. Email for any RFQ, purchases, sales, or trades of any ABB / HP hardware.
. Email any question you might have.
. We buy off-lease bulk and surplus ABB and HP hardware.
. We ship and export Worldwide to every country.


Thank you
Jesse Dougherty
Cypress Technology, Inc.
Land O Lakes, Florida USA
Phone 888-954-3414 / (cell) 412-589-3779