Pneumatic Solenoid Valve


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PP Muthu

We are looking for 2 Nos Pneumatic Solenoid (3 Port)Valves to be installed on Ball Valve with Pneumatic Actuator.

Input Siganl: 3-15 PSI from Pneumatic Level Controller
Air Supply : 65 PSI

If any one know the manufacturer of this device please inofrm us.

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PP Muthu
If there is a 3 to 15 PSI signal used in your system it means that you need a proportional valve. Your ball valve is moved by a cylinder which has 2 inlets I guess. What you realy need is a valve positioner for a rotary valve with 3 to 15 PSI signal input and 20 PSI air supply. The 65 PSI will be used only to move the ball valve.

When air signal goes down to 3 PSI the valve should be closed. Then when it goes up to 15 PSI your valve should be fully opened (if it's a direct acting valve that you need in your process) .

Look at Fisher and Jamesbury websites. I hope it will help a bit.