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Curt Wuollet

Hi all

Here's a couple of things I came across today that I thought were interesting

Here's a great looking platform for a Linux PLC, I'd like to get an eval board. Heartland may spring for one once they're available. Should make a reliable PLC because it's all on one chip.


Monte Vista is giving away free cds with Hard Hat Linux, a real time embedded toolkit, scheduler. etc. If you get EDN this'll come to you. On their site they have a sign-up for the cd if you don't. I didn't see any gotchas.

Unlike Blue Cat, Lynux Works, Lineo, etc., this is GPL Open Source. I will probably try this for the scheduling delay problem I was seeing. MicroWindows is interesting as well.

"http://www.mvista.com/journeyman/":http://www.mvista.com/journeyman/ ::

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