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Seth Yancey

We use Beijers e-terminal operator interfaces in our plant. These devices are very versatile in that you get a webserver, serial ports (1xRS232, 1xRS422, and sometimes 1XRS485), touch screen (numerous sizes), and expansion slots (for ethernet cards) in a compact and rugged package.

We have the ethernet option installed. One great new feature in the latest flash OS release is "dual driver capability". This feature basically allows you to devise a table of address crossreferences between two usually incompatible PLC platforms so that the two can exchange data with one another. In this capacity the e-terminal basically performs as a bridge between PLC platforms.

The configuration of interest to me is Mitsubishi Melsec A and FX to Modbus-TCP. My RS422 port is connected to the programming port of the Mitsubishi PLC and configured appropriately. I configure the Ethernet connection for Modbus-TCP and create the addressing crossreference scheme.

Now I am able to use a Modbus-TCP Master ActiveX control on a PC on our plant network to access data in the Mitsubishi PLC just as if it were a Modbus-TCP slave. The transfer of data will be trigger based from a bit in the PLC (cycle complete, etc.)

Now that I have this data on the PC in the ActiveX control, how do I get it to SQL-Server? I am assuming that I will probably have to use the ActiveX control in some custom VB app. to get it to SQL-Server. I am going to be setting up a dedicated server (Windows 2000 server) on an independent ethernet network (dedicated to industrial devices and isolated from our "commercial network"). This server will have VB and SQL server installed (and little else).

Can anyone please recommend some really good publications that will assist me in getting this thing going. I have solid pre-windows programming experience and have experience in server setup such as a Debian thin client network from scratch. So, I am not completely ignorant on these sorts of things.

Seth Yancey