Popular Brands: DCS, Safety System, and Cyber-Security System in Your Region


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Greetings everyone...

I am collecting Information on the above topic to get a general insight on Regional based popularity of Brands Used in Industrial Automation. The area where I mostly look for is Asia-Pacific.

To start with the workplace I have worked is

Region: India
Owner: Jindal Power Limited
Consultant: BHEL
Industry Sector: Coal based Thermal Power Plant
DCS Brand: MaxDna by Metso Automation
Safety System: Honeywell
Cyber-Security system: Cornerstone (I think so...)

Region: Kuwait
Owner: Kuwait Oil Company
Consultant: Schlumberger
Industry Sector: Oil & Gas
DCS Brand: DeltaV by Emerson
Safety System: Honey Well
Cyber-Security system: Unknown (Digging for Info)

And I request you all to provide the info to get a wide knowledge of systems used in all the regions.

I heard that in Brunei, Shell Oil Company is Using DeltaV as its authentic DCS is it true?

Thanks in advance...

May the Knowledge Prosper...