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Larry Le Francois

Looking for a portable non intrusive flow meter for performing air audits. On large plant sites we need to individually measure the flow from different pipe lines of compressed air in the 100 psi range. Must be portable, easy to set up and reasonably accurate.

David W Spitzer


You might want to consider an ultrasonic flowmeter.

I am putting the final touches on "The Consumer Guide to Ultrasonic and Correlation Flowmeters". It can be backordered at http://www.isa.org. I hope to have it on the shelf within 2 weeks.

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For air audits, an ultrasonic won't work. A better device would be a use of Air Velocity Meter (Kurz Instruments, Inc. USA) who can go upto 500 Deg. C temperature. This instrument will also give you temperature along with mass flow. A great instrument for its value.

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