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Hi good morning,

We need a portable type flow meter. Please give which is best for us. We require flow meter for gas as methanol, water flow.
I had good results with one of the clamp on Time of Flight ultrasonics for measuring liquid. It compared favourably with a mag meter. I don't know how well it works for gas however, never tried it. I know they don't wirk well on liquids with entrained air bubbles.


Rohit Chandak

Selecting a Portable Instrument could some time be complex as you should be very clear on your application requirement. Though Ultrasonic Portable Flow Meters are available for liquid as well as gases but with some limitations i.e. to meter clean liquid use Transit Time else Doppler while on gas application please know your operating pressure well as Ultrasonic on low pressure doesn't really perform well.

If you are looking for a single reliable device against your application with larger pipe lines I would suggest S-Type Pitot Tube with DP Gage. If insertion is not possible than buy a Ultrasonic Flow Meter for liquid application. There are few portable gas flow measuring devices too but most of them need to be inserted into the flow stream. Look at Ultraflux, GE Sensing, Micronics, Greyline, Siemens etc for Ultrasonic Meter.