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Michael Griffin

At 22:25 15/12/00 +0000, Luca Gallina wrote:
>I know I could find some portable PC cases in the market, but
>they are too large and I wanted something that I could carry
>on airplane and fit underseat.
>So I made some bricolage... I disassembled a commercial
>Philips 14.1" LCD display and I gathered all other PC components
>into a heavy-duty bag (I also cut the edge of a common PC keyboard
>to fit it into the bag).
Where would one find some "portable PC cases in the market"? I've been looking for some way to replace my notebook as it is getting old, but I haven't had any luck in finding a portable case.
I have talked to one of the technicians from the company which services our computers, and they would be more than happy to fill a case
with clone components (motherboard, drives, etc.), provided I could find a case. They would set it up for multiple boot for Windows 95/NT/DOS.
I am looking for an off the shelf case. I'm not sure our service company would react well to the situation if I simply picked up some odds
and ends, took a hacksaw to them and stuffed them in a bag.

I used to see cases advertised which included the case, keyboard, and display. You would fill them with your own motherboard, drives, power supply, etc. I have been looking for such a case for some time now, and haven't found one. Either they have disappeared from the market, or I don't know where to look.
I could buy a ready made system, but all the ones I have seen are over built for my needs and very expensive. They also seem to use customised components, and so don't really address the service/upgrade problem. We had one such system (not mine) and it got a bad name for itself as there was never any such thing as a minor repair.

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