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Mihir Ramkrishna

We are looking for a portable ultrasonic flow meter which can be used for both slurry and clean services applications simultaneously. We have both types of fluids in our plant and we want to procure portable Ultrasonic flow meter which can be used for both applications.

I would like to know the minimum particle size and concentration that can be handled by the meter which can be used for clean services.

David W Spitzer


You might want to consider reading "The Consumer Guide to Ultrasonic and Correlation Flowmeters" (available at http://www.spitzerandboyes.com). It contains information about equipment from 60+ suppliers (worldwide) with their
specifications tabulated in order of performance.

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David W Spitzer
We have tried every major manufacturer of clamp ons. Some work on clean liquids and some on dirty liquids. Some brands simply don't work and you can quickly separate them all by asking them to rent or let you evaluate on site. Some companies won't let you evaluate, they will force you to buy from them first. I am speaking from the persepective of a "hands on" maintenance guy who gets into trouble if he has to get the management to fork out 10K.

We have found two companies that managed to measure all of them with one instrument and without changing sensors or measurement mode. Try contacting a company called EESIFLO or Panametrics (think they are owned by GE now) and ask them for their dual mode flowmeter. They may also rent these units to you.

I work in a paper mill. I can tell you that the paper mills present the most challenging applications for clamp on flow measurement. I have been helping the process engineers on their liquor systems (White, green and black) and condensate slurries as well as pulp. It is impossible to measure all our applications without dual mode measurement.
Without any hesitation I would recommend the Panametrics PT878 ultrasonic flow meter but make sure you use the 402 transducers as these are far more powerful than anything else on the market. Probably best for you to hire one. Apart from GE direct, I would recommend the following site as they ship worldwide next day and have been great for us:

Even demineralised water flow can be measured by Ultrasonic flow meter. You need to go for Transit time flow meter for clean water and clear liquid application. you should go for doppler flow meter for Slurry, containimated liquids. We have a flow meter which has Transit time + doppler mode in single unit. Do you want a demo?