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How to select a portable flow meter for liquid (water) measurement? What are all the important factors to be considered? Can any one help me with which is good?

Rohit Chandak

Here is the check list:

1. Whether the ultrasonic flow meter being used is a transit time or doppler? Transit Time goes only with clean fluid whereas doppler goes with only dirty or liquid with large quantity of bubbles. If you are not clear about your process condition i.e. whether dirty or clean I would recommend use of Hybrid Ultrasonic Flow Meter which is available with very few manufacturers.

2. The velocity range

3. Temperature & pressure range (Though pressure doesn't play a very important role).

4. There should be set of transducer to suit different line sizes, generally a single transducer used on small as well as large line will result in inaccuracies.

5. Prefer meter with spacer bar which help in easy installation & operation.

6. Also check whether the meter can function under scaling, partial flow etc.

7. Confirm your wall thickness & see to it that the meter being offered will work under thick walls too.

Hope this helps.

-Rohit Chandak
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Something to look out for is turbulent flow. If the velocity of the fluid is high enough- then turbulent flow is developed and the ultrasonics do not work very well at all in those circumstances. Turbulent flow is very common because the velocity required for it to develop is relatively low. So do your math beforehand to determine the Reynolds number of the flow. This will tell you what type of flow you are dealing with.
The most reliable way to select a portable ultrasonic flow meter is to have the vendor come out and do a day's worth of flow testing. Test on known good flows, and see how repeatable the portable device is.

All ultrasonic flowmeter manufacturers know this.

You can also rent them, and usually, the evaluation fee can be gotten back as a discount if you buy it.

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This is sound advice - we sell and hire all the major manufacturers (Panametrics, Micronics, Flexim) and the proof is in the pudding - we regularly demonstrate these devices and the decisions become very easy once you've had a demonstration...

<a href='http://www.rshydro.co.uk/ultrasonic-flowmeter.shtml'>Ultrasonic Flow Meter Comparisons here</a>

One important thing to know is what pipe material you are using, and also if any lining is there inside the pipe. Check the vendor's ultrasonic probe specification for this. Hope this helps.

I'd be happy to help size up the meter for your application. Drop me an email at pbarber @ katronic. co. uk or call on +44 7947 280 191

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