Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter


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Mo Khan

Hello All Good Instrument Folks;

I am looking for a portable ultrasonic flowmeter by any reputable manufacturer.

These are the qualities required in my portable ultrasonic flowmeter:

- CSA approved
- able to adapt to changing compositions/densities (I may be dreaming)
- Class 1/Div 1 (if not there are ways around this)
- Good for process T ranges from 0 - 110°C
- at least 0 - 10 m/s velocity range
- able to collect data over a 24 hour period
- able to handle high solids/vapor content

I will appreciate any good recommendation.
All portable ultrasonics have drawbacks, but try Polysonics or Texas Nuclear. Milltronics may also have an offering

Claus Weihermueller Berlin Germany

maybe i am too late but we are developing and building the Fluxus ADM6725 Ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeter. Have a look at www.flexim.com. This is sold by Eesiflo in the US but i recommend to ask us if there are some more technical questions.
The system has all european Ex approvals ATEX 94/9/EG.