position control using pc


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i am working on a project in which i have to control six dc motors & two stepper motors. in my project i have to decide my position in 3-D plane so any idea related to this thing please send to me.
I suggest using 8-Axes motion controller allowing any combination (servo or stepper) of axes as for example controller from Galil.

Suggest you look at more than a single supplier. There are many good multi-axis producers. Compumotor, Danaher, ACS-Tech80, and Oregon Micro Sys.

All are good and all could be hepful to you.

An additional supplier is OMS found at http://www.OMSmotion.com. The OMS price point is superior to Galil. As example on an 8 axis application the installed OMS MAXp cost is about $440 per axis and the Galil about $550 per axis.

Good Luck.