Potential clients for new panel shop

Hello all,
Im currently in the process of creating a new panel shop in my area and I am looking for advice on the type of potential client and customers I should target. contractors, treatment plants, etc.....?
Firstly you need to make yourslves known, not to one set of clients - everyone.
If you have no Website then it is probably a good idea to create one to set out 'your stall'
in the marketplace. This should give an idea of what panels you have in mind.

25 yrs ago a medium sized company set up it's own panel builder. Each project had at least
one panel so the workshop had it's own internal corporate customer, who also provided
financial backing and support at the tender stages. I provided the automation.

The panel builder soon found external customers who would give repeat orders; customers
from a wide variety of industries - Coal, steel, food, fast moving goods, water.
The last point is flexibility - they could produce a single wall mounted panel to a medium
sized MCC (motor control centre). Corporate support also included technical assistance
by temporary manpower loans at busy periods.