power distribution

> which is more preferred for long transmission line.. AC or DC????

Google is your friend. And you want to spend time with your friends, don't you?
"... how long is long?" This problem is similar to the other "... how infinite is infinite?"

On a lighter note, consider the following OVH transmission line problem:

Suppose you had two synchronized (and connected)alternators. About 100 miles away, they are to be connected together, again! The questions:

Q1) Are they still synchronized?

Q2) Are they in-phase?

A simple yes or no will suffice!

Regards, Phil

James Ingraham

"A simple yes or no will suffice!"

I'm going to go with "The cat is neither alive nor dead until you open the box." I don't do "yes/no" well. :)

-James Ingraham
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