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I am looking for chart, table or list showing typical power factor values for various industrial devices i.e. lighting, motors,
transformers etc. to use for AC Power calculations.

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Bear in mind two points for PF, Displacement PF (fundamental frequency only) and True PF (fundamental plus harmonics). Go to a manufacturers specification sheet for loads and/or controllers. Motors are usually listed with mechanical efficiency and power factor (electrical efficiency). Many controls today use converters (AC/DC) on the front end (line side), so the controlling device with added circuit inductance(?) tends to dominate the harmonic current contribution, contributing to voltage distortion (IxZ).

True power factor calculations are, of course, involved. ABB's Motor Drive site has some solid technical literature on this topic, and much more.


Michael Klothe

The "Amer. Electriciann' Handbook", 12th ed., McGraw-Hill, N.Y., 1992 has the following table, page 11-67. There is also kindred date in other places in this same book;

Incandescent lamps & heaters ------------ 1.0
Fluorescent & Merc. Vapor lamps ------ 0.5 - 0.95
Induction motors:
1 hp -------------------------------------- 0.67
2 hp ------------------------------------- 0.73
3 hp ------------------------------------- 0.80
5 hp ------------------------------------- 0.83
7.5 - 25 hp ----------------------------- 0.86
30 - 50 hp ------------------------------ 0.89
60 - 125 hp --------------------------- 0.92
150 - 200 ------------------------------ 0.93
Synchronous Motors ------------------ 0.8 - 1.0 Leading

The above are for motors operating at 75% of rated load.

Obviously (I hope!) no such generic table can possible substitute for a call to the
manufacturer of the specific equipment you intend to use. Otherwise, hope this helps, a little.

Michael E. Klothe
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