Power for Ac-450 ABB controler


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1) What voltages are required in ac-450 controller setup?

2) Is it necessary to use SR511 voltage regulator in controller sub rack? i.e can't we just use 24 volts coming from power supply?

Thanks You.
The AC450 uses 24 Volts for modems, I/O, Cooling fans etc, 5 Volts for the controller subrack and CPU and 2 Volts for the parallel bus termination.

The SR511 converts 24 Volt to 5 Volts and 2 Volts. If you bypass the SR511 and connect the 24 Volt supply to the Controller Subrack you will create some smoke and have to buy a new CPU.

The bulk power supply that drives the SR511 for the AC450 rack is the SA167. Part number is 3BSE003573R1.

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