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Ricardo Juarez

Hello masters, in comm. Today and always I need your help because I'm trying to communicate with ACM 3720 meter using PowerView soft, but for now this is not possible; I had checked configuration in ACM 3720 and PC, I though all is rigth, what is your suggestions????
Check the following:

- Confirm the communication mode RS 232 or RS 485.

The communication card has a jumper block allowing you to select RS-232 or RS-485 mode.Communications mode may be viewed from the front panel, for the TRAN Model (without display), remove the four screws holding the rectangular communications card and carefully take out the Comm card.
The circuit board of the communications card has a jumper the communications mode labeled J1. This jumper has two positions, labeled "RS485" and "RS232", which determine the communications mode.

- If the comm mode is RS 485 then use COM 32 or COM 128 (RS232 to RS 485 converter) with serial port. From power view configuration just confirm the Baudrate (9600bps) and unit id of the ACM3720 is correct.

The TXD and RXD LED indications will be helpful.

Still if you have some problem to communicate you can suspect the communication card or wrong Unit ID.


Ricardo Juarez

Thanks Nixon, I had the display model for ACM 3720 and before start my to communicate I did changes in J1 for RS232 because I don´t have the COM 32, also I can read in display the communication settings are: Card ISOCOM 2,Protocol PML3720 , UNIT Id 1142, BAUD RATE 9600, RTS ACTIVE LVL high, US ACK/NAK no, TRANSMIT DELAY 0.
I must to check the wiring, the PIN #3 from DB9 computer port to RXD terminal in ISOCOM2, PIN #2
to TXD in ISOCOM, an I don´t know where is connected the terminal nemed RTS in ISOCOM2.
If you know something I will appreciate your colaboration.