Power plant monitoring and control


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Hi everybody!!

I have a project in which we have to monitor and control a remote Electrical power plant from our central site. And we have to use the existing system on the remote site. I have read that the solution might be a Remote Web Server, for instance Web4txp, which is connected to the monitoring and control system in one side, and to the internet to the other side.

I have BS in Telecommunication Engineering, which is to say that my knowledge in automation and everything related to power plants is very limited. I will be very, very grateful to receive suggestions or comments about my topic.
Thanks in advance.
Yes, if your terminal bus arrangement is supported by version 6 or higher of TXP then the installation of an XU (gateway) and Web4TXP server is quite straightforward, giving you if you so configure, the OT's ES680 and also DS670 published on a Web browser.