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Generator protection relay

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I worked in the past on as Generator and turbine Commissioning and maintenance engineer , back the days we were using GE SR489 /745 Relay, and ELIN DRS win , Siemenens ABB ...

To reply to your question, one should have read technical manuals , and look about auto self tests 5 (Majors /Minors) for such IEDs.

For GE 60 I would recommand you to have closer read on Operations and maintenance manuals...
There should be

I know that there should be also a rules and regulations type or NFPA or other norms that can give you more informations on this subject.

Some questions you should ask yourself like following:

-AC Supply turned off by indvartent operation or loss of Voltage on AC bus supplying?

- Is there kind of integrated battery and what is its role?

-There should be some kind of bus voltage monitoring in the logic controls of such IEDs ???

-Loss of communication/loss of ac supply the case/event to verify for security and integrity of equipment,

-Do you have any tripping matrix diagram ?? I use to check this document to confirm about any case/trip cause /effects

- There also kind of watchdog that can be part of the IEDS or externaly you can try to search about this .

I mean OEM should gave you the answer to your question, by forwarding you all th necessary and mandatories documents .
Try to know what are the auto self tests of the G60 for better picture of what can it do for you!

We do not know what drawings /schematics / documents that you got so it is difficult to answer ,

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