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Paul P. Burns

We wish to use the Internet as a point of entry to send signals one way using powerline communications via an electrical sub-station to 'broadcast' to an application(s) we are prototyping which will be plugged into a standard domestic electrical socket.

So we need a sub-station signal transceiver which will be used to inject signals onto high voltage power lines. The signal must be capable of
transmitting at least 60/90miles against all the usual impediments; pass through all transformers to allow the uncorrupted signal to reach
residential power sockets.

The sub-station signal transceiver must be capable of communicating with a standard Internet Protocol network (or similar) to facilitate the receiving of information to be transmitted over the power lines. The internet segment ends upon arrival at this transceiver. N.B. It is NOT the intention to send internet communications over the power lines.

The sub-station signal transceiver then transmits a small (bytes) packets of data to a remote application(s) which is plugged into a standard
residential socket. The quote should include all hardware and firmware required by the transceiver and contain a receiver element for inclusion in
our OEM application.

We are at the protyping developmental stage and we envisage the use of one sub-station signal transceiver and perhaps 50 receiver elements for
inclusion in our prototypes.

Q.Whose technology should we go with for this simple task and who ought we to purchase from?
This is not at all simple if you're trying to communicate through the transformers in the substation.

I've only heard of one system that managed this and data rates were very very very slow. It would only be usable for metering type applications.


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I suggest calling on GE Fanuc. They have the technology you need and easy to use software for broadcasting your information over the web using standard browsers. You can also call me at 209-834-8664. We have plenty of experience with these type applications.

Kirk Menefee-Dall

Andre Pablo G. Fausto

Try siemens they have a DCS that is capable of transmitting 28.8kbps max on a powerline up to 34..5kV.

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Paul, you might want to try Data-Linc. They have a wide range of communications devices that are 'industrial'. They also have modules that allow for the communications to continue around
disconnects, breakers and transformers.

Their web site is at http://www.data-linc.com.

Hope this helps.

Norm Kribs