PPA V3, V4 Alarm history - where to find it?


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Does anybody know if there is possibility to browse through more than 500 messages which is the maximum in Alarm list. I am able to set the storage up to 10000 entries but am unable to see them. In which file should I look? I tried text search through files on hard disk without result, I tried time and date search again without results, and now I don't know what else to try.

System is ABB's Process Portal A(xA800) V3 or V4.

Franz don't waste time with alarms and event server... the concept of theese services is to be printed on hardcopy (paper)... sorry ABB but this is a big disadvantage!

Russell Yoder

Many ABB dcs users rely on external systems for logging alarm/event messages. I have good experiences connecting 800xA and other. Long term storage and ease of search are basic features from your business computers.

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