PR Scale for Magnetic Pick-ups of Flow Divider and Shaft Speed


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We have MARK VIe systems for FRAME 5 single shaft machines.

Can any body brief how pulse rate calculation configured in PCAA cards for flow divider, speed magnetic pick ups. And how it is used for FQLand TNH in percentage calculation with frequency measurement by IO packs.

Of course for TNH speed pick ups, it is configured in PTUR. Please tell us how Flow divider GPM, gear speed is used for calculation. Similarly for TNH also.
TNH is pretty simple.It is a 60 tooth wheel so 60 pulses per revolution converts to RPM or %age speed.

Fuel flow is a bit more complicated. Again there is a multi-tooth wheel giving pulses/revolution, but there will be a control constant which converts this speed to fuel flow. I don't have any frame 5 liquid fuel drawings at the moment. If you have a Control Spec., look there or maybe another reader can give you the constant name.