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Pedro Miguel

Dear Srs:

I want to know if some of you are applying control theory in your processes, i know the PID but what about adaptive control?,for example i
dont know if there is a PLC with adaptive control , how much of the Academic Control theory could be Applied in real processes?.


Pedro M.Carrion

Manesh T.Varghese

Adaptive controllers are just a self tuning controller, which is always in auto tuning mode. It keeps on tuning to the loop so as to get adapted to the process and stores the different parameters that it collects from the process along with the process conditions in which they were collected and applied. These parameters are then substituted in the real time process, when such a conditon arises in the process, so as to control the loop in the most better way.

So it a condinously tuning controler.

ABB offers such controllers in their DCS. PLC are normally ment for ON OFF control and Adaptive control are normally come in analog controllers. There are PLC with PID controller , Adaptive controllers are not normally found.

The control theory is always helpful in the process intrumentation feild.You may not do all the analysis always, what rules is the "rule of thumb". The theorey give you the direction to apply your mind and the direction to think of the possiblites. And the whole process control have a base on "the Academic Control theory".

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Manesh T.Varghese
Well the self tuning controller algorithem has been implemented in all DCS (ABB, Foxboro, Honeywell etc) and theory is definitely useful while implementing these. I have worked on ABB DCS and it does help provided you know what you want. As mentioned in this thread, unfortunately we are yet to see this in PLCs.