PRACTICAL Process Control Strategies


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Looking for book, website etc which would be a reservoir of PRACTICAL process control strategies.
There is very little on the subject. Whether books or web sites. Omega had "The book of Books". For what is worth, is in the list.
Bruce, Useful info here. Subsequently had a look at Bela Liptak's PROCESS CONTROL which is very informative.

anandh balasubramaninan

there are good books on Distillation control by F.G.Shinskey, Process Control by F.G.Shinskey,B.G. Leptak old version its from chilton publishers which talks about all the different process industries control systems.W.Luyben for Multivaribale process control and chemical reactor controls.P.Harriot's
Process Control only for advanced level engineers and students

hope these ones are good for u

Good luck