What exactly are your pumps required to do ?

Application software is not available off-the-shelf for you to buy;
you either purchase a ’solution’ whereby you pay someone to work out what you really want, or you design your own electrical system and write coded software yourself - the above example shows ladder logic to be reasonably straightforward.
And if it’s a University Project you should have sufficient combined power of knowledge to work it out !

In my 30yrs or so experience, of all the different pumps I’ve written application software for, no 2 projects have been identical.
I'm sure if you provided a spec of what you want somebody could help you. That's some manhours to developed a full program... as oneye14 said the software above looks straightforward....but it's not going to be like that.
There will be all sorts of other requirements ...HMI...motor overload...fault handling....interlocking with external equipment....communication to third party kit...drives....softstarters...etc etc etc
A spec would be helpful....and if you don't have a spec I'm sure somebody could help you put one together.

1.0 Pump abc

///////////.1.1 Will start when:
/////////////////.1.1.2 level switch, LV123, is blaah blaa
/////////////////.1.1.3 Overload, OL345 , is healthy..
/////////////////.1.1.4 Pusbbutton, PB123, is ...

.. 1.2 Will stop when:

It's very easy to put together....just read the tags off the P&ID and get the philosophy of operation, check it against a software spec, hardware spec, generate a FAT/SAT....and commission it....
Use 1 pump in and 1 pump out, both run by VFDs. Control the VFDs with PID loops. You should be able to keep the level fairly stable that way.
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