Predictive Motor Diagnostics


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Kirk S. Hegwood

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Does anyone have experience with predictive motor diagnostics through variable frequency drives or some other device. In particular, we are trying to access data that will flag us through a PC control system that can either continuously monitor motors (connected to VFD's and across line) or test them during a shift change or plant down time. There are some testers that will do this while the motor is in place on the machine which is a must (BJM Corp), but it is a hand held manual device. We would like to automate the process. Any thoughts and/or links that I might be able to continue my research on.

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There is a company I believe the name is Bently Nevada that designed equipment to predict generator failure. The same principle could be used on a moter. The equipment monitors vibration of the equipment is is an excellent predictor for bearing failure. The motor windings caould also be monitored for temperture rise. Combined, the two systems could give you a very accurate prediction of failure.
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