Pressure and temperature compensation valve

Hi All,

I am looking for a control valve to put it inline (pipe line) to regulate the flow of hydraulic, please find the attached picture, the requirement (the output from the valve) is to get a low steady constant flow "around 200 ml/min" . any idea where i can find such a product?

Many Thanks



If you want the best help with your issue you would do well to clearly and concisely explain what you are trying to accomplish (not just the desired flow-rate--but what the expected temperature- and pressure ranges for the application are).

It has been said many times before on MANY times working with a manufacturer's representative in one's locale or a vendor that one has worked with successfully before to source good products is the very often the best way to find what one is looking for. A good manufacturer's representative or salesperson who is familiar--sometimes even just a little familiar--with the application for which one is searching for a solution can sometimes very quickly make a recommendation, OR can call the manufacturers they represent for recommendations. Not all salespeople are paper-pushers (write the order; pass it along to sourcing; fail to investigate the application fully). MANY are conscientious people who have experience working with Customers and the manufacturers they represent and some even have personal industry experience before becoming an application engineer (what a good salesperson should be in an industrial environment) which can be very valuable.

BUT, even to get the best help from a manufacturers' rep or vendor--you are going to have to clearly state the situation and all the conditions of the application. (Which you haven't done here.)
You should be communicating with the manufacturer of the brand and model that you've tried, explaining how the valves you purchased don't function properly and inquiring as which models the vendor offers that can solve your problem.