Pressure control in water supply system by means of centralized control.


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Antonello Serreli

I am in need of knowing if there are any applications of pressure control of water supply system and if there are please help me for getting any information about this.

Richard Dingman

We are curretly using an Efector part # 3224 Pressure switch 4-20 ma to run a Allen-Bradley
1336 Plus 2.

William Hinton Sr. Electrical Engineer @

We are using a Grundfos pump and Variable Speed Drive to maintain constant water pressure with a varying volume. The pressure sensor is on the discharge side of the pump so as water is used the drive responds to run the motor faster. The website is

There is help and information in and from many countries.

Dwight Hanson

My company produces a Pitless Control Module for use with water wells. These work with the Grundfos Pumps and we also supply variable speed drives and scada systems for water systems that use the Pitless Control Module or other water systems that need controls. Our web site