Pressure transmitter display error

I have installed Pressure transmitter Rosemount 2051 for a oily water pump line and is connected with dcs.The transmitter is configured for 0-130inH2O.

When my pump is off transmitter display is showing 4.8- 4.3 inH2O and in dcs showing zero reading.I checked the signal current which is 3.999mA seems to correct.Why transmitter display is showing this reading.
Depending on mounting and impulse line attitude and altitude, the transmitter probably 'sees' 4 in w.c of hydrostatic pressure when the pump is off.

The display is probably configured for a 'scaled variable', a flow rate. A flow rate configuration probably has a low flow cutoff, which drives the output signal to 'zero' or 3.999mA (effectively 4.0mA) because the flow at that level is considered "low flow".

The 2051 manual has minimalist info (none of the selections defined) on configuring the display (sec 2-7), but slightly more info on configuring the scaled variable in sec 2-8