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for Pressure transmitter (Liquid Service) can any body tell me why we use condensate pot if we install it above the pipe?

i know that in liquified case PIT should be install at lower side of the pipe because liquid is going down.
It seems you answered your question by saying that pressure transmitter should be below piping.

When you install it above, vapors will go up to transmitter, so a condensate pot is installed to prevent vapors to appear at transmitter entrance (by condensing in pot).
Condensate pots are usually only used on condensing vapours like steam. There is no need for a pot on non condensing liquids or gas.

For a simple pressure often the pot is just a fitting like a tee but for flows where the level is quite critical a proper condensate pot should be used to give a constant level.

Condensate pots are used for the Steam Services to avoid the high temperature getting in contact with the Transmitter diaphragm directly. Condensate pot will be filled with the water and one side of the pot shall be connected to the Steam line and the other side to the Transmitter.

One drain port will be available in the condensate pot for draining the water inside the pot.
> Condensate pots are are also used for pressure measurement of high temperature oil,

condensing ports are mostly used where high temperature pressure measurements required.