Pressure Transmitters Accuracy Recommendations


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Respected fellows;

Good day. I am working in oil and gas industry. I search over the internet for recommended or standard of required accuracy/ % span error allowed, but i am unable to search out any paper regarding this.

Suppose i have pressure transmitter 0 to 3000 psig when calibrate it. i got % span error is 0.75%. How can i check that it is with in the standards? In API 616 of the gas turbine i am unable to find these allowable instrumentation standards?

Please guide me with your valuable advise or share document in which allowed accuracy define.

Thanking you i will remain
For want of a better method I specify the accuracy for a known good transmitter, I'm sure I'm not alone in that.

You always have the opportunity of selecting better one at the time of purchase.
Hello friend

We have rosemount transmitters Model 3051 CD. I want to ask, when I calibrate it after 2 years, is there any standard about the %span error or accuracy world wide? For example for like ASME and diffrent API's like gas turbine.

Is there any standard regarding calibration span error or accuracy?

Is there any standard regarding calibration span error or accuracy?

There are many organizations involved.

Most plants rely on the vendor calibrations traceable to National Labs, and use in house range tests prior to installation.

The ASME performance test codes offer more detailed on-site calibration for startups.