Preventive Maintenance on DCS and ESD


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Perez, Claudio

Could anybody give some ideas, according to experience, about preventive maintenance on a DCS and ESD. Regards. Claudio A. Perez DCS Engineer PROFERTIL S.A.

Douglas Firlotte

For our Bailey Infi90 DCS (ABB) our preventive maintenance includes Continuous - > Maintain and improve documentation. Weekly - Inspection of > All status LEDs > System status graphics > Power supply cooling fans. Monthly - > Check all voltages on all power supplies > Backup of most source files and installed files > Review vendor technical and changes notices. Take action as required. > Clean cabinets and operator interfaces as required Annual - > Thermographic survey of module and termination cabinets > UPS battery check or replacement > Backup of source files and installed files, in areas where no changes are expected. > Upgrade firmware and system software revisions as required Several Years > Check for grounding and incoming power problems. > Verify documentation against installed logic > Verify all firmware and system software is at the expected revision. > Inventory system hardware and verify that working spares are still on hand, or available. > Douglas Firlotte Process Control Engineer Great Northern Paper