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Shishir Gupta

The user know only report generation & printing the same to printer. I want to read this printer port through Serial port & get the data for further processing. Can any one help me how to proceed?

Shishir Gupta
Dear Mr Gupta

Is the printer port parallel or serial. If its a serial port than your job will be relatively easy. If the printer port is parallel - then you need a special cable for reading parallel port and ur computer must be equipped with a bi-directional parallel port - in that case you can directly read the parallel port and use that data for further processing. We would be able to help you in your endeavours if you provide more details on the specifics of the port and your application.

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Brian Raynor

The IMAC system from ICS in the UK will capture text reports from a serial port and store them in a database, a file, or e-mail them.

(IMAC is actually an alarm capture system, but it handles text reports also)

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Greg Goodman

A web search for "capture printer port output" turns up a number of sites that provide solutions to this problem.

If you are communicating with the printer using a parallel port (rather than a serial port) and want to capture the data, these links may help:

If your HMI is running on DOS, here are a couple collections of DOS print utilities, including several that capture data sent to the printer port to disk:

I do not endorse any of these devices/techniques in particular, as I have not used them. I just present them as examples of what's out there.

Google-is-your-friend-ly yours,
Greg Goodman

Chris Wilson

You may also want to check out LogMate from TiPS Software if it is a COM port output. It's also "alarm capture" software, but will handle reports as well.

Chris - TiPS Inc.
You do not state the operating system that is being used, however, if it is DOS you can simply create a batch file using the MODE command that redirects LPT1: to COM1: or COM2: as necessary. A MODE command can also be used to set baud, data bit, parity, etc.
the website is outdated but it's gonna be updated soon.

If you want to capture printer data from a printer they can do it. they sell a device that captures printer data from the parallel port. And for seriel printers they can supply you with a seriel to parallel converter.

if you e-mail them and leave a phone number they can call you and let you know anything you need