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Hi guys

I need to fix dot matrix printer to one of our client PC in 800xA system to print the alarm/events continuously. How can i configure the printer port? We are using 800xA v5.0 SP1.
Install the printer as a regular Windows printer. Print a test page to make sure it's working then share it.

Next configure the 800xA "Alarm Logger" service in the Service Structure to use the required printer. You can access the on-line help from the Service Definition aspect.

There are some 800xA patches for the alarm logger service to ensure you do not see some control characters in the output. Make sure you have these installed.

Incidentally, you don't have to use a dot matrix printer - any printer, or a serial data capture program can also be used.

Once you get this working, your next task should be to consider being nice to the environment and get rid of the printer, archiving alarms to a database. I use the Matrikon Alarm Manager for this, but others have mentioned You could of course simply save the grief of a 3rd party application and save to a hard drive on one of the DCS servers - but you need the DCS to view it. It might, however, fit the needs of your site. Something to think about. I hate paper (no offense meant to the pulp & paper industry...)
thanks guys

Yes, i installed the printer and checked by test print. But when i checked the service structure (alarm logger service) and tried to configure as mentioned in one of 800xA manual, I dont see any printer option in the configuration.

@John--Correct, I am looking for printer working first. We had a PC having a third party software connected to one of our old OS500 printer port. This software used to save all the alarm and event in one text file. Now as we have replaced OS500 with 800xA, I don't know how to configure and fix that PC to new system.
Make sure the server running the Alarm Logger service can see the printer. If in doubt, install it on the server using the 800xAService account.

If you want to log to a file, a very quick and dirty fix is to install a generic text printer set to "print to file".

This is what one of our sites (this one SV5.1) service structure looks like:<pre>
service structure
alarm logger, service
alarm printer group, service group
alarm printer, service provider
alarm printer, service status object</pre>
Under the "special configuration" tab of the alarm printer, service provider, there are configuration settings for:

1. printer name

2. printer type (B/W line printer)
> No, I can't see alarm printer group under alarm logger in service structure.

Then on the alarm logger, service; right click, select service definition, and add the group. At this point you should be able to refer to the manual for details.

Also remember that you need to define or create an alarm and event list that in the "special configuration" section of the service group.