printer port interfacing problem


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I made a program in VB6 (port1=890 using inpout32.dll) that can send signals to pin 14 and 16 of the printer port. I can make them send a high or a low. But after a week of doing this, the 2 pins do not change their signal anymore (always high). I tried using the p. port to print a test page and it worked. What is the problem, my program or the hardware?? Is there anything I can do to correct the outputs?? THANKS A LOT!!! : )
Pins 14 and 16 are "Auto Feed" and "Printer Init".
May be they are not needed to your printer.


Curt Wuollet

You may have to replace the printer port. If the software didn't change, you might have toasted the chip.


Dear Ryan,

Use EUSB instead of Parallel port, it will free your printer port!

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