printer prints only the alarms but not any other pages


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Dear CSA and other Mk5 experts,

Ours is a GE Fr6 Mk5 I-DOS system, using a line dotmatix OKIDATA printer both in local (TCC)and remote(centralised Control room). Local is a Master and remote is a viewer. We can print anything from remote but at local printer logs only alarms. Any other pages it does not print including Page image and page reports. Print screen-ctrl+print-alt+print does not respond. This printer removed from local and tested at remote and found working there. So its confirmed that there is NO problem with the printer. Print_IO.exe and print/? help file does not indicate anything. Print alarms-SOE-Events all showing enabled.( yes). Please help solve problem.

Thanks.. Regards.. ESKAY

STILL more operator interface problems; this time on venerable <I>s.

The F:\SPOOL directory is full. "Full" means it has more than 100 files in it because people keep pushing PRINT SCREEN before the print spooler can spool the file to the SPOOL directory and then the PRINT executable can send it to the printer.

I don't recall that CTRL+PRINT or ALT+PRINT works from IDOS (I think one of the two hotkey shortcuts might have worked from a late version of IDOS, but I can't remember which one--it's been too long...)

Delete all the files from F:\SPOOL.

By the way, this has been covered in previous threads on Please learn to use the 'Search' feature by using several search terms, not quitting after a failure on the first try, and using the Search Help.
Dear CSA,

Sorry for the delay in replying..I was away on short vacation. I have deleted all the .IMG files from SPOOL DIR of F:\. Now I could able to print -print reports and print screens etc..Thanks for the advice and support..