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Has anyone had any success with printing a CSP.FIX and CSP_XREF.FIX using a modern printer or printing them to a pdf printer? I've tried redirecting the LPT1 port to a shared printer and it did print. It was just that the margins were all messed up. I've tried to redirect it to a pdf printer but the flat lines become text and it looks garbled.


Modernity has nothing to do with your problem.

The <I>s had batch files in the G:\EXEC directory to set an HP LJ II-compatible to the right character set and characters-per-inch and lines-per-inch. I think they were called PRINT_DM.BAT (for the dot matrix printer) and PRINT_LJ.BAT (for the HL LJ II-compatible printer).

Those two files are ASCII text files with embedded line feed characters.

If the printer you redirected the LPT1 port to is not HP LJ II-compatible, that's likely the problem. If you can temporarily set the printer to that compatibility mode then you might have more success.

Or, if you can't set the printer compatibility mode to HP LJ II you're going to have to learn what the codes are for the printer you want to use to set it 10- or 12 characters-per-inch, basic ASCII text (fixed pitch), 8 lines-per-inch

Hope this helps!
Thanks for the help. I did find a program called Editpad. I was able to open the FIX files then convert the text to DOS 437. It did a nice job.