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Lucas Moreno K

Dear List,

I have a Siemens OP 27 Graphic display. This OP has the option to print via a serial connection. One of the preset printers is the Epson FX 1050
which I also have.

The problem:
The printer is parallel, the OP serial.
Although I got the cable pin layout from Siemens customer service to connect the OP to the printer, the information they gave me does not match with the Epson manual. Knowing how fragile the communication ports are, I do not want to try the connection with out being sure how it is supposed to be done.

The question:
Do I need to get a special serial board for the printer?
Is there a way to connect the OP (serial) to the printer parallel port and have it working as serial?
Does any one have a pin layout?

I know this sounds rather easy but I have not managed to get the info, not even from the Epson people.

Thanks in advance,

Lucas Moreno Kristiansen
Automation Engineer
[email protected]

Trevor Ousey


I have used both Epson and Oki printers in the serial tasks, both had
to have a RS232 Serial port added. It is quite easy to fit.
Alternatively you could use serial to parallel convertors, again not to
hard. We have used these with TI Laser printers for labels and reports.
I would think that the port connections for serial is a standard RS232
connection. As for the parallel again should just be a standard parallel
I have connected the Tx and Rx wrong on serial with no grief, except no
comms, and then reversed the connection and everything was OK.

Trevor Ousey
Kalangadoo, South Australia
email: [email protected]

D. Pittendrigh

Hi All

Yes Epson does have a serial interface board for the FX range.

Please dont try any interconnection between Parallel and serial ports it
would be totally futile.

You can purchase parallel serial converters, search the web they're really
not difficult to find.

The only other printers with serial ports that I have seen are Siemens and
certain HP laserjets.

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