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Has anyone else had a problem printing logic, etc, from ProWORX NxT v2.20 running on Windows 2000? We've had lockups on two different PC's when trying to print.
Yes, when trying to print to a HP8000 network printer. Schneider tech support was no help at all, I wasn't very impressed. I set up phantom HP LJ4 printer that was directed to a file and then copied the file to the network printer and that worked. A pain.

Bob Peterson

I have found that the Schneider software is pretty picky about what printers it will actually print to. I was completely unable to get Concept 2.2 or 2.5 to print to a PDF driver on my W98 machine. And the 2.2 version would not print to a networked laser printer we had (I forget what it was, HP2 something I think). It also seems to make a difference what O/S you use as well. Both print reliably to other printers though.
On Modicon's website if you pick Proworx 32 and then go to tech faqs, there is a document in there about printing to a network printer. It says to print to a network printer you should create a printer and map it to a local port. Go to "": and do a search for 'proworx print' and it will come right up. I've done it and verified it works on Windows 2000.

Rafael Jacomino

The easy route is of course printing locally to an HP printer or any printer that has back-wards compatible HPCL language capability. If gotta do it through the network then two thing you gotta do:

- Utilize Windows' "Universal Naming Convention" tools (some folks that know-enough-to-be-dangerous call this 'UNC it') to "map" your Network Printer into your LPT1 port (easy in WIN2000). Treating your printer as an IP device helps a lot. I have never succeeded with NetWare or any other Network OS that handles printer services. In other words, make it "virtually" direct and it should work.
- Your printer MUST do genuine and back-wards compatible HPCL language.

I have WIN2000 PRO with ProWorx NxT 2.2 and I can print to my local HP1220c and a networked LANIER laser printer set-up as an IP Printer. The only thing that I have trouble with is managing the page margins whenever I print a "Visual Configuration" (a graphic representation of the "Traffic-cop" which my customers seem to like). Nonetheless, just acknowledge all the error messages and it still prints!

Hope this garble helps, good luck...
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