Problem Between ABB DCS and GE Mark V Gateway


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my problem refers to the communication between GE Mark V pc and ABB DCS Power Generation Portal (PGP).

For the communication i have configured a driver for reading data from the GE Mark V pc using port 768 (default Port). When my driver start, on the Mark V pc, the application GSM.exe crash. This thing not happened on GE pc that use Windows NT system. This case regard only Windows XP System. If i use a Mark V Simulator on the GE pc, my driver is connected without problem.

The log message write this: "connection refused from the machine".

There is some particular configuration on Mark V GE to set for matching the communication with my driver?



Sorry this came late. Is the firewall turned on in the Windows XP machine and the said port is blocked?

We have been facing a communication issue with GE Mark VI and ABB DCS as well. The communication works fine normally but every second week or so, the communication halts or the ABB consoles hang up freezing the value. The problem is only rectified by starting both ends of the OPC link (OPC server which is the Mark VI console and the client which is the ABB DCS console)

Anyone can tell me why does the comm link break up or cause freezing routinely.