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Mohamed salem

Dear sir

first in our plant we have 3 units GE frame9FA. The operation department ask our team to put Differential pressure reading for inlet air filter to screen to monitor this reading. so we open m6b file and add the point ipdp_2s in EGD EXCH1 then put the all data in database validate build download and save. after that we open the hmb file for HMI and made put, get, validate and download. after that we stop project for HMI and made update and start again. finally we put this point on the screen. reading already showing in the screen. but the problem now which we are facing now is when we put this point in GT3SVR, the reading of this point for unit GT3 is also. it is reflected to another two units (GT1 and GT2) same point and same reading.

please can any one help me to rectify this problem. why this point was reflected to another HMI and How to correct this also

Mohamed salem
If I understand correctly GT1SVR and GT2SVR are displaying the value from GT3 instead of GT1 and GT2 respectively.

When you created the cimplicity graphic expression did you use the unit variable or G3 ? Ie {UNIT}\ipdp_2s or G3\ipdp_2s ?

Are your HMIs configured for multiunit servers ?

Mohamed Salem

Hi sir,

Sorry for late to reply to your message i checked the expression which i am wrote to the signal.

i found it G3\iddp_2a after correct this Expression to {unit}ipdp_2a every thing become ok.

best regards,

thanks for ur reply
Mohamed salem