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harith akram

I have a problem when try to print online CSP of MKVI from toolbox. using fine pdf factory program at any font the message appear SDI is Disconnected and the CSP is printing but off line without any value?
I believe what you're trying to do is print what you see on the screen (live data/signals). You don't (normally) do this by printing the application code while on-line with the Mark VI.

Take a snapshot of the display using one of the MS-Windows screen capture methods, ALT + PRT SCR or CTRL + PRT SCR and then paste the contents of the Clipboard into a MS-Wordpad document, then print the document. (Use the MS-Windows help for information.)

I don't believe you can print the application code when on-line with the Mark VI.
Could be the Control Spec (CSP) report. I didn't think that report shows live values even on screen though.

For block and rung diagrams, they can be printed online if the right-hand view has focus when you select the Print command (not very discoverable. at least in ToolboxST it is on the right-click context menu). You can only print one diagram at a time online.
I didn't correct the originator, but the "sequencing" for the Mark VI isn't called the "CSP" (Control Sequence Program) like it was called in the Mark V. I think the technical term for the Mark VI is "application code", which, thankfully, doesn't have a TLA (Three-Letter Acronym).

And, since this post was about Mark VI, "Legacy" Toolbox, not ToolboxST, is used to observe the application code (sequencing).

Are you referring to the Control Constant Report function? When on-line, it does indeed show the live values. I don't know if it can be printed when on-line, though.

The Control Spec (Specification), is not available via Toolbox--though it most definitely <b>should be</b>. That's a real hole in the product, not that one can trust everything in the Control Spec; it's better than nothing and it is all there is for its purpose.
Ah, I am not very familiar with Mark V, didn't recognize the acronym.

There is a Control Spec report in Toolbox; it can show a list of either all I/O points or all signals with selectable columns.

The right-hand-view printing tip is for Toolbox Classic, though it also applies to ToolboxST (which does configure Mark VI as well--with a lot of improvements like actually putting the print command in the right-click context menu).