problem of Local/Remote in ROTORK actuator

we have ROTORK valves, has an actuator model IQFM, the problem is when power supply returned after a blackout occurred the valves becomes unavailable, I don't know the real reason but the local/remote mode doesn't works, we couldn't manipulate the valve from control room.
on the actuator display displayed a icon remote beside it an alarm triangle with also a battery. (see the bellow photo)
we can't open or close the valve except manually.
please someone help me to solve this problem as soon as possible and it's the first time I work with this kind of valves


I'd suggest finding the correct manual for your model and confirming particulars for your model. But a manual for a ROTORK IQ RANGE model actuator showed up on the first page of Google hits and that model Rotork actuator has a Power Loss Inhibit feature, which sounds like what has happened in your case - a discharged battery and a power loss:

If, on power up, the actuator detects a discharged battery and actuator power loss inhibit feature [OS] is enabled (refer to page 61), both battery and general alarm icons will be displayed and the bottom line will indicate alternately PWR LOSS INHIBIT and BATTERY FLAT. Electrical operation will be inhibited. The battery must be replaced and the limits must be reset.

It appears that you have to replace the battery and that you might have to re-configure some settings for the actuator to operate.

Note that model's mention of the battery alarm icon after battery replacement:

After replacing a battery the alarm icon will continue to be displayed until the next check and may take up to 1 hour. Cycling the power will force a battery check and clear the alarm.

thank you for your advice, I checked ROTORK IQ RANGE manual, then I have an idea of what happened (after viewing the manual) which is after a blackout the power missing to actuator, it means the battery must take it's duty to maintain the valves settings (motor calibrations), and as the battery flat (supposed the battery flat before the blackout), so the valve lost the setting of control.
so to solve this problem:
- first must change the battery by a new one
- then must recalibrate the valve again
please more advice if there is any something wrong above

thanks a lot
Manufacturers might duplicate features and settings from one model line to another model line, or not. Your Rotork actuator might or might not have the features or operation described in the Rotork IQ Range manual. You should find the 'exact' manual for your model Rotork actuator and use that for troubleshooting and procedures for getting your actuator running.

the problem has been solved,
I found that the manual ROTORK IQ RANGE is concerned of all type of Rotork actuators including the valves Rotork which were installing in our facilities IQ20. By following the steps in pages 6 and 29 I fixed the mentioned problem
as I mentioned in the my second reply, the problem was, while the blackout occurred the setting of actuator lost due the battery is flat, it means the limits of open and close LO, LC is lost, for that the actuator prevents the remote mode to protect the motor.

thanks you again David_2