Problem reading Digital tags from Moscad to Citect


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I have problems reading Digital tags from MOSCAD-L to Citect 5.21 SCADA.

I can read INT tags from table in the MOSCAD database that holds pulse accumulation and is calculated to be a MODBUS address of 2817. In the Citect tags it is defined as INT 42817.

I have problems with D/I and D/O readings. I have an Inputs table at the MOSCAD that is calculated as 8193 – 8120 and I can read the status by a MODBUS simulator.
I can not get it right for the Citect. Digital tags with the address 18193 or 108193 (for the first input) receive an error message "PLC Server is out of range".

What should I do in the MOSCAD program or in the Citect SCADA in order to get readings from the MOSCAD D/I and D/O