Problem to communicate tsx 3722 with altivar 28


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Paris Glez

I have a plc tsx 3722 sv 5.0, with a PCMCIA tsx scp 114, a tsx scp cm 4030, a box tsx sca 50 and a variable speed controller altivar 28. I program plc using PL7 4.3. I use modbus to comunicate the plc with the altivar.

In the tsx sca 50 i do the connection with line terminator.
SCA 50
4-D(A)-> Green/white white/orange brown/white
5-D(B)-> white/green orange/white

and to the altivar RJ 45
Sca 50 / Rj 45
4-D(A)-> 5
5-D(B)-> 4

The indicators lamps on the front of the card are off, only when i do a test with the pl7 the com lamp are flashing.

When ordering a comunication the variador does not respond. Could somebody tell me what is the problem?