Problem with Change of UCVE Instead UCVF


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Our CPU is UCVF and we want to replace it with UCVE h2a. We define IP adDress by connecting with com. port and using of serial loader. Before we release vcmi card. after change cpu and define ip ping pc and plc, no problem detected.

then we delete old cpu and insert new cpu in toolbox software.

then download product code (run time) and select file, restart plc.

then save\upgrade vcme card\validate\put into database full Online\download application code.

Then power off plc and insert vcmi card and power on plc.

Then save\ validate\build\application code\download to plc.

But when we want to download to plc occurs error d77. We put database but we didn't get database and message there is no database.

What should we do? please guide us.

Thank you.
Can you post the relevant part of the download log? Error 77 is the catchall error for all download issues; there should have been a more specific (and useful) error right before it. It was probably "Error Connecting to" your controller though, with the likely culprit an incorrect IP address or other networking error.
Thank you

>Can you post the relevant part of the download log? Error
>77 is the catchall error for all download issues.

Information that requested:
Mark VI,EX2100,ISC,LS2100 Runtime error
Error 77(0x4d):ERROR Loading I/O record.
Post he controller information to the system database.Blind external information.

Diagnostic Alarm
Fault code 74 Startup Application code loader fault93,Pcode Record 4474.

please guide us. Please explain us how change UCVF with UCVE H2A.

Thank you.
OK, different error 77. This is a pcode loading error reported back from the controller, rather than a download problem.

Upgrading a Mark VI controller board is somewhat involved, and this is actually a downgrade--uncharted territory for me. Something is probably configured wrong for the UCVE versus the UCVF, but without digging through your Toolbox configuration I doubt anyone can help. GE support might be able to help, or you might try a consultant like Max (he posts here as ME42) who can go deeper than a message board post.