Problem with Schneider-Electric Concept XL-software


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Andries Rienks

When I'm trying to open a project in Concept XL I get the following message:

Error reading desktop file
Error id UIK -1052

The project I was trying to open is on mapped network drive. copying it to the hardrive of my laptop didn't cure it. does anyone know what causes the problem and how I can recover the project and most important: how can I prevent it from happening again.

Thanks for you help in advance.



try to delete the .dsk file in your project directory and after open the Concept and the project again. It may happen, that the network mapping was not successfull one day and DSK is damaged.

Try to update your Concept 2.6 SR2 to Patch B. This eliminates your issue for sure. Good luck.

The error UIK (User Interface Kernel) 1052 is "failure reading the desktop file". The desktop file (project name.dsk) which contains screen information, options and adjustments, was left open when Concept was closed. The error should be fixed by deleting the .dsk file and when the project is reopened Concept will rebuild it.

I hope it will help...
you find a dokument on your install CD: errmsg.pdf. In this document describe Schneider the most failure-messages. in your case 1052:
"1052 Failure reading Desktop file"

This is caused because the format of the .dsk file which holds the adjustments, Concept options, and information about the screens left open when concept closed, has been changed.

• Solution is to delete the .dsk and let Concept rebuild it.